Set in year OYOY in the world of Dalle, life is controlled by the group referred to as the "Reds". Ruled by monarchies in the South and the North with monarchs known as "Leaders", they trade goods and services among themselves, and travel between both parts of the world frequently. The North mainly sells clothing, but needs materials from the South, whose main export is cotton.

They use servants referred to as "Blues" to perform the labor needed to harvest crops for the North. The Blues are mistreated constantly, and conflicts often erupt, leading to disastrous consequences for the Blues. To avoid direct conflicts, some Blues indirectly revolt by breaking equipment or taking other means, such as trying to run away to the North, where this labor is banned. The Reds would breed guard sheep, a strange hybrid, to quickly find and retrieve runaway servants, leading to harsh punishments for the servant and their families...

Recently, a new Leader has risen after the previous Leader's mysterious disappearance. Around the same time, a young child has lost their sister due to the ever-greedy superiors. The child then decides to fight for everyone's freedom so that no one has to go through the same grief.

Adventuring through a nearly colorless world, that child will meet a wide cast of characters with their own hopes and motivations, beneficial to you or otherwise. The fight will not be easy, but no conflict ever was...



Can be customized later! Controls will remain the same on the setup screen

  • A or D to move left or right

  • W to jump or move up in menus

  • S to interact or move down in menus

  • Spacebar to shoot or accept

  • P to pause or cancel

  • R to restart

  • Escape to exit and leave the exit menu

  • F4 (sometimes F11) or Alt/Option+Enter to resize the screen


You can use all the control pad buttons or right stick too

  • Move stick left or right to move left or right

  • Bottom button to jump or move up in menus

  • Left button to interact or move down in menus

  • Triggers to shoot or accept

  • Top button to pause or cancel

  • Select button to restart

  • Start button to toggle the exit menu

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