Fight For Your Freedom!

While looking good doing it!

Image of the main character in Freedom

You play as the Resister, a being with a broken past.

Image of a cute cat

This is a cat. She is quite cute.


  • Cats, dogs, and llamas begging to be petted!

  • All the jumps imaginable: Use regular jumps, double jumps, triple jumps, wall jumps, and air jumps!

  • You can pet a spider somewhere (spiders can be cute)!

  • Never nagging you with ads, microtransactions, or anything else ever!

  • Maybe not just another platformer?!?

  • Wear a cat and a dog as a hat!

  • Explore minimalist environments with interesting characters!

  • QR codes to scan and read!

  • You can sit in a couple of places!

  • Over 50 items to collect and customize with color!

  • Gamepad support with customizable keyboard controls (controls will remain the same during setup)


The best way to experience the game is to play it!

You can unlock hard mode by pressing space or trigger when the logo pops up, indicated by a red symbol!

Note: For Mac players, move the game to a non-Downloads folder before running!


Image of Windows logo

Version A.1

Device: (Legacy) Windows x86

Image of Windows logo

Version B

Device: Windows x64



Image of Apple logo

Version B

Device: macOS



Image of Linux logo

Version B

Device: Linux x64

Image of Raspberry Pi logo

Version A

Device: (Legacy) Raspberry Pi 32-bit

Image of Raspberry Pi logo

Version B

Device: Raspberry Pi 64-bit


Language File Version A

Updated Language File Version A.1

Updated Language File Version B


Freedom is also available in these places:

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