Image of the main character in Freedom

You play as the Resister, a being with a broken past.

Image of a cute cat

This is a cat. She is quite cute.


Fight For Your Freedom!

Embark on an adventure where you assume the role of a child thrown into the midst of a conflict between oppressors and the oppressed. Will you rise up and fight for justice? Can you even do it while looking awesome at the same time?!?

Focus On Gameplay!

Experience a captivating minimalist art style that directs your attention to the thrilling action as you dive headfirst into an almost neutral-toned world with interesting characters, free to explore at your own leisure. With customizable keyboard controls and support for controllers, you have the flexibility to play in a way that suits your comfort. Take a moment to soak in the environment as you sometimes find serene spot to sit and appreciate the surroundings.

Customize Your Way!

With a collection of over 50 in-game hats that offer customizable colors and can be collected, along with the potential for adding even more externally, there is an abundance of opportunities to showcase your unique style and self-expression!

Image of customization

Wearable animals?

Adorn your head with the delightful companionship of a dog, a cat, or even a charming duck! Let your imagination run wild as you don these unconventional and whimsical hats.

Image of cat on head


Pet dogs, cats, spiders (spiders can be cute), and maybe even a dinosaur! Cats and dogs may even pay you for giving them an ULTRA rub or an ULTRA pet!

Image of dog being petted

Dangerous Hazards!

Prepare yourself for perilous obstacles such as spikes, lasers, rockets, clones, and even a triceratops that will put your skills to the test. To overcome these challenges, utilize a range of maneuvers including running, shooting, jumps, double jumps, triple jumps, wall jumps, and air jumps to your advantage. But that's not all! By pressing the spacebar or trigger when the intro logo appears with a distinctive red symbol, you can unlock the formidable hard mode for an additional level of difficulty. Did I mention a dinosaur can be petted :)?

Image of dinosaur

Discover Secrets!

Experience a captivating platforming adventure that transcends the ordinary. Engage with intriguing QR codes, scanning and unraveling their hidden messages as you traverse the world. Prepare to uncover a multitude of mysteries, secrets, and concealed treasures that lie in wait. This is more than just another platformer—it offers a unique and immersive journey. Plus, enjoy the freedom from any pesky interruptions such as ads or microtransactions. Immerse yourself in the game without any nagging distractions, focusing solely on the thrilling exploration and discovery that awaits.

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Snow Secret
Special Particles room
Secret Guard Sheep
Hard Mode
Fragmented End
Rocket Explosion


The best way to experience the game is to play it!


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Version B

Device: Windows



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Version B

Device: macOS



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Version B

Device: Linux

Image of Raspberry Pi logo

Version B

Device: (Latest) Raspberry Pi


Updated Language File Version B

Graduation Cap

Flux Collection


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